I came up with this blog post after talking with one of my coaching clients. She was telling me about how she has absolutely no time to be able to work on her blog…I said that’s impossible. Keep in mind this client has five kids and I only have one so I had no concept of what was involved with taking care of five children. We went through her day and she seriously has no time to work on her blog with the exception for this tiny little window.  

After we got off the call I still wasn’t resolved on what we accomplished.  I was dwelling on it….how could I help her have more time for her business. I told my husband how much it was bugging me and he said “well why don’t you tell her all the things you do here that makes everything go faster”. I replied with “oh well you know like everybody does that stuff already which his answer was”no, not everyone does that!” so this is a post basically to wrap up 10 things I do that really streamline my house so I can get back to blogging time.

If you don’t know my story…


I’m a newish to blogging but I’ve been working from home successfully for about 8 years now.  On top of my blog I also own a consignment store where I sell kid stuff.  This year 2017, we retired my husband from the U.S. Navy.  It was a huge goal of mine.  Now he’s home with us everyday bugging me 🙂

For me to be able to accomplish this goal and many others, I have to be super productive with the small amount of time I have.  I really have to use my time as efficiently as possible.  I’ve come up with tricks along the way and I guess these tricks are not normal so hopefully you learn something new that helps you.   

Before we dive, I want to remind you to be on the lookout for things you can streamline in your life or business.  Anything you do frequently you should spend a little time setting up a system for that will either make it super fast or automate it completely.  The little extra time up front can really go a long way.  

10 Ways to Streamline your Home


1.) My number one trick would definitely be to have a plan! This is probably an obvious one, but when you have a plan you need to make sure that your plan is focused on seeing results. When I create my plan for the week I use my Productive Planner.  

I created my planner when I was being constantly disappointed with the ones I had purchased.  My planner actually works backwards.  It focuses on what the goal is and then the only things I schedule on my calendar are things that are going to help me accomplish my goal.  I don’t put anything on my calendar that is just busy work.  Of course, if I have a doctor appointment or something then obviously I need to go to that, but I’m not scheduling things that aren’t going to move the dial with the my goals.


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2.) The next thing would definitely be a morning routine.  My husband helps me with the morning routine and actually the evening routine too.  We have it completely down to a science.  It only takes us about 15 minutes.

I have designed it so that we work through the house so we’re not walking back and forth a million times.  That takes up valuable time.  We end with a cup of coffee and folding laundry while chit-chatting together about what’s going to happen for the day.

3.) We own a million maids around the house.  Ok, obviously we don’t own human maids, but basically like any sort or timer or thing created for convenience I consider to be my own maid.  Back in the day if you wanted to turn your lights on you had a servant that walked around for your and turned on all of the candlesticks.  Now we have timers and apps that can do all of that for us.  Horrible analogy, I know…but it was the first one I could come up with.   

We use as many automation things as he possible at my house.  Especially when it comes to lights, so this can really save you some money on your electric bill too.  We live far up north in Vermont and we actually have data limits on our internet so I know these will work for anyone.  All of our lights outside are dusk to dawn, I never have to worry about it I remembered to turn a light off or on.  We use a white noise machine to sleep…it’s on a timer and so is my daughter’s sound machine and humidifier.

We program the oven so that it will turn on in the morning at a specific time and then instead of using a toaster we put toast in the oven.  It turns on and toasts the toast (lol) while we do our morning routine and wallah breakfast is done when we are done. You can program the coffee to be done at the same time too

We wash our dishes at night and wake up in the morning and empty the dishwasher.  Since the dishwasher is always empty during the day, dishes skip the sink and go directly to the dishwasher.  We do laundry at night too.  I throw the laundry in at dinner time and then I swap it over to the dryer before bed.  It does its own thing and then I wake up and just need to put the clothes away.

There’s other things like your Crock-Pot you can use it to cook your dinner all day and then at night swap it over to cook breakfast. We cook oatmeal or an egg casseroles and then wake up to a nice hot breakfast in the morning.  Bonus tip…do this for any house guests so early risers have breakfast and you don’t have to wake up to play host for them.  

4.) As moms we spend so much time doing laundry, it’s absolutely ridiculous.  I hate doing something just to have to do it again and again.  I created a laundry this system where we don’t have to sort and we only fold the minimum amount of things. I absolutely hate folding laundry.

I highly recommend those hanging organizers with the Monday-Friday on them.  They are not exclusive to the kids.  We all use them in my house because that’s even less laundry I have to fold and put in a drawer.  I just throw it in it’s container and done!  It also speeds up getting ready and finding something to wear.   So take some time to think about it and come up with your own laundry system.

5.) Read good books I used to be on Pinterest every night.  I would get ready for bed and lay down and pull out my phone until I fell asleep.  I would end up sitting on Pinterest for like an hour and a half before I would actually fall sleep.  I would have so many squirrel moments or I would start to doubt myself.  I would see what other people are doing and think “oh should I be doing that too”.  I wasted so much valuable sleeping time being on the phone and then even more time just recovering from all the self doubt.

Finally…I started reading books instead.  It stopped the whole cycle from happening.  You can either get a bunch of books by purchasing an Ultimate Bundle that interests you (I download them all to read in bed) or get like a real paperback book from the library or Amazon.  Paperback books actually help me go to sleep faster.  I think it’s like the light from my phone that makes it harder.  Regardless if you do a paperback or an ebook though, I would definitely suggest switching to books and getting off the Pinterest or social media

This blog post turned into a BEAST so I had to break it up into two.  Click here to read 10 Ways to Streamline Your Home to Have More Time (for your business) PART 2.  Check back on or after 11/23/2017 to check it out.

So there is part one of my 10 things you can streamline at home.  I hope that my blogging client will read this one day and maybe it will help her.  I hope that you have found some of these tips helpful too.  I’m going to keep adding to this so definitely save it, subscribe to it or pin it to reference later or share with a friend!